Okashicon - 2022

Join us as we celebrate Minori at a pre-convention art exhibition at Kinokuniya on Thursday July 7th at 5:30pm. Then join us for the weekend at Okashicon as we continue to showcase her artwork, create beautiful earrings in her limited workshop, sip on mocktails and eat some good food at the Fashion Mixer.

MINORI : Shironuri Artist a.k.a Japanese alternative fashion icon
MINORI first became involved in shironuri art in 2009. After appearing on the fashion snap page on in Harajuku, her art became popular on the internet, and her Instagram currently has a total of around 71,000 followers. Her YouTube video “Shironuri Makeup Tutorial by Minori” has been played almost 800,000 times.

Her work is strongly inspired by nature. Starting with her first original work “Ajisai (hydrangea)” in 2011, she has showcased series of work including a “language of flowers” collection and a “nature” collection.

Her first appearance at overseas events was in 2014. She has been featured in the International Business Times in the UK, and her original costume and photos are in the collection of Honolulu Museum of Art. In 2016, she appeared on “Joanna Lumley’s Japan”(iTV) and “Chelsea Handler “(Netflix). In 2017, she was featured on BBC News, attracting attention not only in the UK but also around the world. She was also invited as one of the special guests of Japan Expo Thailand and Malaysia in 2017.

“Joanna Lumley’s Japan” became available on Netflix around 2019 for streaming worldwide.
In 2020, she held her solo exhibition “BE WITH THE NATURE” in Ebisu, Tokyo.


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``Definitely a unique, fun experience I haven't experienced at any other convention. I really enjoyed that a real Japanese-pop culture experience could be brought closer to home.`` ~Sephi Hakubi
~Sephi Hakubi
``This was a fun experience!!! The people that run this convention genuinely care about the attendees. After I did my panel on how to cope with anxiety at conventions one of the convention organizers pulled me aside to ask how to implement and better help people with anxiety. If you're looking for a con that actually cares and is centered around the experience of the attendees, Okashicon is your place``
Photo Credit @Cierra Ashley Photography
~ Jessy Gillespie
``Last year was my first year at Okashicon as an artist, but I'll definitely be back! The atmosphere was fun and positive. The volunteers checked up on us often to make sure we had everything we needed. After working my table for the day, I had the best time hanging out in the game room and maid cafe. There's really something for everyone at Okashicon!``
~Squishy Pickle Plush