Job Descriptions
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Okashicon will be requiring all panelists to be fully vaccinated (including booster) at least two weeks prior to the convention.

  •  Load-in/ Load-Out Team:  This team comes in Thursday and helps load in, put up signs and banners, and any other items needed and setting up.  Then the team helps on Sunday to organize, pack and remove our items. This includes loading items from our Storage shed to the trailer on Thursday and back again on Sunday. Lifting and moving heavy objects maybe required. Work these shifts and enjoy the convention in between!
  • General Volunteers: Will include things like badge check at doors. Verifying if panelist need anything. This job can fill in where needed. Age Requirement: 16+ Interview: Not Required
  • Safety: Coordinate Lines, help with crowd control, look for and remedy safety concerns. Age Requirement: 18+ Interview: Required
  • AV/Tech Support: Help AV Department with load in and load out. Check on Programming rooms and help any panelist/guest who may need help with the av equipment or tech equipment. Provide technical support where needed. Age Requirement: 16+ Interview: Required
  • Okashicon Store: Volunteers will staff our merch booth, greet customers, and work with our merch inventory. Age Requirement: 16+  Interview: Required Cash Handling experience a plus.
  • Accessibility: Volunteers for this department should be friendly and work well with others. This department focuses on making the convention accessible for everyone. ASL background is a plus.  Age Requirement: 18+ Interview: Required
  • Registration:Registration needs individuals that can help prepare and sell badges to attendees at the door. As a member of the registration team, you will also help with data entry and prep work during the convention. Age Requirement: 16+ Interview: Required
  • Guest Relations:Help Guest Relations team with guest handling, guest panels, and other needs. Age Requirement: 18+ Interview: Required