Sebastian Masuda!

Japan Cultural Envoy 2017 / Visiting Scholar at NYU 2017-2018 / Newsweek Japan “100 Japanese people respected by the world”2019

Born 1970. Began working in the 90’s in the worlds of theater and contemporary art. Since making Harajuku his base of activities in 1995, he has consistently created works that utilize a unique sense of color and cross over into the worlds of art, fashion and entertainment. Known as the leading figure of Japanese KAWAII culture, in 2011 was art director for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s music video PONPONPON, in 2015 produced the KAWAII MONSTER CAFÉ, both of which also helped introduce the world to KAWAII culture.

In 2014 held his first solo exhibition in New York titled Colorful Rebellion –Seventh Nightmare–. In 2017 as the Japan Cultural Envoy, 2016 traveled to Holland, South Africa, Bolivia, Brazil and throughout America, holding lectures, workshops, and created various artworks. He 2017 has created the participatory art project TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE in 2014, unfolding at several locations throughout the world. Having experienced the fragmentation of the world during the pandemic, Masuda became deeply interested in the nature of community, and began to advocate for the Digital Tribe and examine it through his own Kawaii community.

He continues to create works utilizing all the phenomena of the world as materials.

Instagram: sebastian_masuda
Twitter: @sebastea


6%DOKIDOKI is a shop/brand based in Harajuku, founded in 1995 by Sebastian Masuda as a place of creation.

Shop concept ‘Sensational Kawaii’ means ‘shockingly Kawaii’, ‘exceedingly Kawaii’ and ‘too Kawaii things and stuff’. We sell original items, select items and projects along to this shop concept.

Also, not only ‘fashion’ genre, it’s important role for 6%DOKIDOKI to expand culture all over the world. As a leading place/people/brand of Japanese pop culture, the shop is continuing original unique creation throughout events and show etc.

Twitter @6dokidoki
Instagram 6doki_official

Haruka Kurebayashi!

Kawaii artist / Harajuku model

She made her modeling debut in KERA magazine. She became a fashion icon popular in both Japan and around the world for her colorful makeup videos on YouTube.
She is a Harajuku-based creator who spreads the culture of Kawaii, including her “Kurechan” YouTube channel, and her designs such as the entrance arch for Takeshita Street and the athlete masks for for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Twitter @90884
Instagram @kurebayashiii


cybr.grl, also known as The Rainbow Lady, is a Filipino YouTuber, fashion designer, and mom based in the USA. Their love for Harajuku fashion began when they chanced upon a copy of FRUiTS magazine while browsing their local bookstore after school. Years later in 2018, they started a YouTube channel where they interview people part of the worldwide J-Fashion community and create videos trying to open healthy conversations about the hard stuff too. That same year, they also started a fashion brand called CANDY☆TRAP after feeling frustrated about the lack of colorful clothing options for everyone. Their colorful fashion brand CANDY☆TRAP is inspired by Decora fashion, a style that was born in Harajuku that is known for excessively accessorizing oneself from head to toe, a.k.a “Decora”-ting yourself! Through their content creation as well as their fashion brand, their hope and dream is to help spread Harajuku kawaii culture, rainbows, and happiness around the world! #KAWAII4ALL! You can keep up with cybr.grl online at 💖🌈


CANDY☆TRAP is a colorful and fun fashion brand that was established in 2018 by cybr.grl, also known as The Rainbow Lady, a Filipino YouTuber based in the USA who creates videos on Harajuku kawaii culture. She decided to take the leap and reach her dream of starting her own fashion brand after realizing how hard it was to find colorful clothing options that weren’t just catered to kids because everyone, no matter how old they are, deserves to wear cute and colorful clothes! CANDY☆TRAP is inspired by Decora fashion, a style that was born in Harajuku that is known for excessively accessorizing oneself from head to toe, a.k.a “Decora”-ting yourself. Through CANDY☆TRAP, cybr.grl hopes to spread some happiness around the world, to empower others to show their true colors, and to encourage everyone to have fun with fashion! There is space for everyone, for every color of the rainbow! #KAWAII4ALL 💖🌈


Puvithel is an alternative fashion designer with a physical shopfront in Pittsburgh, USA. She has been making and designing original handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing and handbags for J-fashion and alternative styles since 2015.

Puvithel is about unabashed self-expression and spans many styles, but she is best known for her lolita jewelry and menhera garments. Regardless of style, Puvithel’s items are loud – inspired by the in-your-face aesthetic of American gothic fashion. Puvithel believes fashion is a beneficial form of expression, a belief that is imbued in every item she makes. Every series has its own style and narrative to aid you in telling your own story.

Instagram: Puvithel
Facebook: Puvithel
TikTok: @puvithel


Devilish Angel & Gabihime!

Gabihime is a light novel writer, illustrator, vtuber and the person behind the Cutepunk fashion brand Devilish Angel. Although currently in Atlanta, Georgia, her home community will always be in Austin. Gabihime is focused on making a place for people with chronic health problems in alternative fashion, and is a youth crisis mental health advocate. The first light novel in the Lovesong of Rooks series will be released to coincide with the world debut of Devilish Angel at Okashicon 2023! And no matter what you’ve heard, Gabihime is definitely not a vampire, so please don’t alert your local vampire hunters’ guild.



Kammie Pomeranian!

Kammie Pomeranian is an artist working the anime and comic con circuits in the US! Her favorite style of focus is rainbow pastel skies, virtual pet, and character toy nostalgia. She began creating on the internet in the early 2000s on Neopets, which heavily inspired a love of coding pastel websites and shaped an interest in e-commerce. Those websites eventually evolved into her current shop,, where her pastel rainbow wig designs and hand painted accessories are offered. Pomeranian wants people to use Minty Mix products as a creative outlet, and hopes to encourage people to dress how they want and wear what makes them happy!



When one world ends, we must carry on to create anew. Drawing inspiration from both the alternative music and idol scenes in Japan, Melancholiaah is an original J-rock and J-pop idol who turns his true emotions, fears, and thoughts into music in hopes to discover how the world can still be beautiful in the state we are in.
His work can be heard on KONAMI’s arcade releases “beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS” and the newest installment of DDR, “Dance Dance Revolution A20” in Japan.
In 2019, he released their first EP physically and digitally titled “世界の終わりで会いましょう。let’s meet at the end of the world.” featuring tracks produced by Melancholiaah himself, BEMANI artist Akira Complex, Creep-P, DJ Amaya, and many more with great success, leading to two singles released in 2020, “Last Paradise” and “puzzle box”, produced by BEMANI artist KIRAKU and Kamikaze Bitch and his first full album in 2021 titled “The Diary of Our Years Together” featuring tracks produced by Japanese rock bands “For Tracy Hyde” and “NUIT”.
In 2022, Melancholiaah released his second E.P. titled “IN MY SUNSET”, which was successfully crowdfunded and title track written by the legendary Yusuke Hata of Japanese shoegaze band Cruyff in the Bedroom and B-side track “Mado ni Kaeru” written by Michael of the upcoming Japanese shoegaze band “LUNE”.
Additionally in 2019, Melancholiaah has gained large recognition for the “Toad sings…” videos on Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok alike with over 90,000 subscribers.
His goal is to create a feeling of love and acceptance with each other, and most of all, oneself with his performances. Crying out into the new world, he hopes to connect with everyone through voice.


Erin Lundquist!

Erin Nicole Lundquist is a professional voice actor with 8 years experience in video game, anime, film, animation, and audio books. You may recognize her as Amber the Ambulance in Moonbug’s Go Buster!, Minthe in the Official WEBTOON Dub of Lore Olympus, Lyra in the VR MMO Zenith: The Last City, Misaki’s Mother from Dead Mount Death Play, and Shemira in AFK Arena: Tales of Esperia.

Erin describes herself as a professional nerd.  Having initially entered the entertainment world behind the scenes as a costume designer and art director, she fell in love with the world of audio and has since dedicated herself to developing her craft as an actor.

Brian Holder!

Brian Holder is the co-owner and casting director of LazuArts Entertainment, a black-owned, full-service dubbing studio that focuses on recording and engineering high-quality audio and localization of entertainment media including movies, TV shows, and video games. As the owner of a black-owned company, Brian is committed to raising the bar for diversity and inclusion both in front of and behind the mic. LazuArts’ previous projects include the dubbing of the movies: Seobok Project Clone, Furie, Romulus v Remus: the First King, The Divine Fury, A Dog’s Courage, The Swordsman, The Great War of Archimedes, Iron Dragon, and more. LazuArts recently handled audio design for NINE PBS’ Drawn In, audio recording for the British Broadcasting Corporation, and Disney+. Brian is currently casting for Frost Giant Studios’ upcoming RTS videogame, StormGate, which is being created by ex Blizzard developers who created World of Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2. In Video Games, Brian Holder is the voice of The Wizard Shazam for DC Comics, Mordekai in Pirate 101, Thor & Ramses in The Legend of Almia, Mao Song in Seven Knights, and the Fire Elf in Wizard 101. For Animated content, Brian’s voice can be heard in Big Mouth for Disney+, in Iron Dragon, One Piece, Trigun Stampede, My Home Hero, Beast Tamer, Aoashi, Shinobi no Ittoki, Tomo-chan is a girl, The Heike Story, Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement, The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World, By the Grace of the Gods, How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, and The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt. For live action content, Brian can be seen as Jimi Hendrix for AXS TV’s Music’s Greatest Mysteries, Sydney Poitier in Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, and in the CW’s Walker. Brian is an avid action figure collector and body builder.

Victoria Bane!

Victoria Bane is a DFW based cosplayer with 21 years of experience creating costumes, foam smithing, prop making with a specialty in wig styling!
Always focused on improving and honing each new skill she learns, as well as improving upon old ideas,
Victoria is eager to share the knowledge she’s picked up along her cosplay Journey!

Instagram: @vickiebane


Photo credits Instagram:

Anthy Himemiya (@alphonsemedia),

Ami Mizuno (@lemon.ikonphotography),

Charlotte (@ashsnapem_photography)

The Geeky Seamstress!

The Geeky Seamstress is an award-winning craftsmanship cosplayer, commissioner, and graduate theatre student based out of DFW, TX. Cosplaying since 2012, she has made dozens of cosplays spanning across all genres, with an emphasis on spandex, corsetry, and high-quality craftsmanship. A librarian by trade, The Geeky Seamstress enjoys documenting her builds and writing tutorials on cosplay when she’s not working on commissions or her next project.

Photo credits: YinYue Photo (Human Luna and Lisa from Genshin Impact) and StarGirlPhotos (Eternal Sailor Moon).


Sledgehammer Creative is an award-winning master crafter, prop fabricator, and cosplayer. He is a self-taught seamster, woodworker, and foam smith. He has been judging contests for the past 10 years.

He is best known for his appearance as Gibraltar from Apex Legends, as well as his large armor builds and countless prop recreations.

Sara Fujimura!

Sara Fujimura (Foo-gee-moo-rah) is the American half of her bicultural Japanese-American family and spends about a month each summer in Japan with her now-adult children. She started as a journalist, so it is no surprise that Sara’s young adult books contain a lot of facts to go along with the fiction. Whether you want to know about Japan (TANABATA WISH), the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 (BREATHE), what it’s like to be an Olympic-caliber skater (EVERY REASON WE SHOULDN’T), or how unscripted television works (FAKING REALITY), Sara takes readers on swoony journeys to unusual places. She is a creative writing teacher and literacy advocate who is excited to support the next generation of authors. If you go to anime cons in Arizona, you may also see Sara as her alter ego, The Obento Lady.

EVERY REASON WE SHOULDN’T was named an NPR Best Book of 2020.

Sara is represented by Ann Rose of the Prospect Agency.

Find out more about my books HERE.


Love Notes!

Love Notes is an idol cosplay and dance troupe from Austin, Texas. They debuted in 2015, and now have done over forty performances from over five different series. Previously, they had performed from the series Pretty Cure A La Mode, but this year will be filled with both a mini project and something magical as the main event for this con season! So please join us this Okashicon for their throwback mini project— BiBi from Love Live, featuring special guests! I wonder if your best girl will show?



Pixcelation, or, as he’s legally known, James Herd, is a man of many interests. For the most part, he’s known for his YouTube content covering a range of interests, but mainly anime and gaming. It’s possible that you’ve attended one of his many panels over the years, or maybe you’ve been subscribed since the beginning, but one thing is for sure — the train doesn’t stop here. As is the usual, he’ll be bringing an unhealthy amount of panels and games to Okashicon this year, all in an effort to make sure you have just as much fun as he’ll end up having. If you’ve been around since the beginning, or if you’re meeting him for the first time, he simply can’t wait to see everyone!


Sephi Hakubi, is a Progressive EDM and Hard Dance DJ and multi-media producer  based in San Antonio, Texas who manages HakubiVerse, an otaku entertainment label that  focuses on rave culture with Japanese-fandom influences, pioneering the style he calls  AnimEDM. Beyond HakubiVerse, Sephi has been associated with many dance music collectives  all over the world such as Neon Genesis Hardcore, JDS: Just Don’t Stop Productions, Music  Around The World, and Team Brisk. Sephi utilizes his experiences in many of his interactions to  become what he’s described as a “multi-media culture masher”, establishing the correlation  between anime and electronic music. Sephi strives to make the electronic dance community  relevant for fans by formulating his AnimEDM philosophy, a style of unique sounds and sights  influenced from Progressive House, Trance, Eurodance, Hard Dance, and Hardcore music with  Japanese inspirations. This AnimEDM philosophy encourages a place of friendship, musical  freedom, and celebration for anime and rave fandom in hopes for providing a community for  fans, known as Nightkids, seeking a realm of hope and happiness.

Sephi Hakubi’s style and philosophy amassed significant attention in the anime and rave  scene as he performed for the masses at FAN:dom Con, San Japan, SukoshiCon, Realms Con,  IKKiCon, Okashicon, Anime Sekai, MechaCon, Animatic Con, Anime Oklahoma, Banzaikon,  Waifufest, and Kawacon; as well as, festivals such as, Unite As One, Tonyc Summer Jam, and  Texas Silent Disco. Sephi was also honored to open for internationally recognized DJs like  FYER (Bobby Duque & Gabriel Guardian), Kenneth Thomas, Darude, JJ Flores, Donald Glaude,  Made Monster, Ferry Corsten, Fracus & Darwin, BT, Zoe VanWest, Shawn Jackson, Hartshorn,  AliceOfSin, Jimni Cricket, and Steve Smooth. These experiences brought Sephi much valued  wisdom during his adventures playing with world-renowned industry performers and these  interactions and experiences would inspire his music with releases like Oceandrive and Once  Upon a Space, released on HakubiVerse and available on many digital music shops and  streaming services. Sephi continues to work in his music production while developing his own  music label to define his AnimEDM concept for his fans to enjoy.

Sephi Hakubi Website:
HakubiVerse Website: