Metamorphose temps de fille is a brand always yearning to be more cute and more beautiful. Sometimes cute, sometimes elegant, but always true to oneself. They strive for self-expression and transformation.

Cherishing the femininity of Lolita fashion, Metamorphose’s clothes transform you into cute, elegant, or cool. This brand isn’t bound by one genre, but for Lolitas in pursuit of their own definition of Lolita Fashion.

Empire Noir!


Empire Noir is a black-owned brand born from a deep love for fashion and creative gothic expression.

They bring a unique blend of Gothic Aristocrat and Lolita styles, inspired by the regality of the macabre. 🖤👑

Instagram: xempirenoirx
Facebook: @theladynoir


Kittykaya (Kitty-k-ah) offers size inclusive custom print dresses so anyone can enjoy the fashion comfortably.  Check out our dresses with Nintendo Switch sized pockets, pet portraits and other original art merch.

Kittykaya bridges the gap between comfy and cute!



Starcrossed lovelies!

Starcrossed lovelies is a mahou-kei brand, inspired by nostalgia and celestial love stories.
They offer a wide collection of comfortable, casual wear and statement pieces in size inclusive ranges.