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2020 Schedule

Sashiko (intro to) September 14th

Supply List:

  • Stitching practice piece: solid color woven fabric,
  • Contrasting embroidery floss,
  • Hand embroidery needle,
  • Scissors or thread cutter.
  • Design practice piece: white or light solid colored fabric,
  • Washable marker that shows up on the fabric,
  • Contrasting embroidery floss,
  • Ruler,
  • scissors or thread cutter.
  • Pieces of fabric can be scraps but should be roughly the size of a piece of paper. If light fabric is not available, design drawing practice can be done on plain white paper.
Recommended Resources:
  • Books: The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook by Susan Briscoe, Japanese Running Stitch Sashiko by Satomi Dairaku, Sashiko by Mary S Parker
  • Video Series: Susan Briscoe on Interweave Press, Carol Ziogas on iQuilt (and her YT), Skillshare, CreativeBug
  • Shops: Kimonomomo, Snuggly Monkey on Etsy, Bunny’s Designs Etsy/Austin, in Australia
  • Brands: Olympus, Tulip, Clover, maybe DAISO
  • Blog: (Carol Ziogas)

Free Sashiko Patterns:

Kumihimo Braiding August 10th

Supply List:

  • 1 or 2 Squares of Cardboard,
  • 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) Lengths of yarn or embroidery floss 24-36 inches (70-95 cm),  (7 strands for one pattern, 4 for the second)
  • Cardboard scissors
Recommended Resources: